The 3 keys !!



2015.01.18 Quote


The 3 keys I live by.

When there is no respect or trust your love doesn’t mean a thing.



Wash day | 11th January ’15


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2015.01.11 WASH DAY


Yeah I really wasn’t feeling for a wash day, but it had to be done. So I decided to keep my wash day short and simple.

The wash

I really had a hard time to choose a product for my wash. And then I remembered that I bought a new shampoo product in October, Organix Revitalizing Pomegranate Green Tea Shampoo. This is my third Organix shampoo that I’m trying out and I don’t think that the shampoos are a good fit for me. While washing my hair I wasn’t able to run my finger through my hair. Sometimes I like to finger detangle my hair, but no ma’am my hair was stiff.

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Wash day | 4th January ‘15


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2015.01.04 wash day products (eemsdiary)

The last couple week I have been concentrating with getting rid of my split ends. In my recent post I mentioned that I need to take a break with using a flat iron on my hair. I’m really suffering from long split ends. My goals for this year is to reach BSL (Bra Strap Length), but first my main focus is retaining my length.

At this moment I’m 17 weeks post. I planned to texlaxed my hair at 20 weeks post.



More and more and loving doing a pre poo treatment with oils. In sections of four I applied an oil mix (Grape seed x Sesame seed x Coconut oil) to the length of my hair, concentration on my ends. For my scalp I used a different oil mix (Jamaican Black Castor x Coconut oil). I let the oils sit on my hair for about an hour.

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Check In | Length 21 December ‘14



RECENT POST | Wash day 20 December ’14

In my recent post I mentioned that I was preparing my hair for a sleek look. Well the roller set was a fail. I can never get it right. When I see roller set tutorials and the hair looks so sexy, nice bouncy curls, “I’m like I want that too”. After my saran wrap I wasn’t pleased so I decided to flat iron my hair.

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Wash day | 20th December ‘14


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2014.12.20 WASHDAY

14 W E E K S P O S T

Step 1

It’s been a while I used a clarifying Shampoo.  The last time was in the month Ocotber. I try to clarify my hair once a month. For the wash I used Tresemme Deep cleansing shampoo. my sister washed my hair for me. She washed my hair two times in sections of four- This wash was quick and simple, as it should be.

Although I used a clarifying shampoo, my hair wasn’t extremely dry. Last week I did a pre poo treatment while using a steamer. I think I applied too much peppermint oil to my scalp and now it’s a bit sensitive. So it was a must to clarify.

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