Washday | March 14! Back to basic


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2015.03.14 HAIR PRODUCT

It’s been a long time that I wrote a post about my washday, but don’t worry I’m back. This couple of weeks has been a bit of a struggle with my hair. The struggle are the hair loss and split ends. I have been lazy with moisturizing my hair at night and I notice that my hair reacts immediately to that – dry hair means breakage – 

Wash routine

For the routine I wanted to start with a pre-poo treatment, but I changed my mind – laziness -. In two section I washed my hair using Mizani Moisturfusion Milk Bath Shampoo. I think it’s my third time using this shampoo and I like the fact that is has a milky texture and I doesn’t dry my hair out. My hair feels good after the wash. It’s bouncy and I can easily glide my finger through my hair. Continue reading

Wash day | February 14!


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2015.02.14 wash day products

For the wash routine I decided to do a ‘hard’ protein treatment, because last week I texlaxed my hair. I can’t remember when I did a protein treatment – I really need to do better –

 Step 1

The routine started with washing my hair. As always I shampooed my hair in four sections using ApHogee Deep Moisture shampoo. The hair loss during the wash was minimal. After that I wrapped my hair with a towel and let it sit for 15 minutes, to soak all the water.

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Relaxer | February 7!


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2015.02.07 products

I finally got the time to relax my hair at 21 weeks post. I planned to relax my hair last week, but due bad timing it wasn’t possible. I also wanted to do a protein treatment one week before, but I changed my mind and will do the treatment next week. So before the relaxer it didn’t prep my hair.

This time I wasn’t really happy with my new growth. The inches of growth was okay. But if look at the positive side, my new growth was soft and manageable. I could have stretch my hair for a longer period, but I want to stop at 20 weeks post.

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First Impression | Hairfinity



2015.01.21 Hairfinity


So the year 2014 was all about Hairfinity. I don’t know why, but everybody and their momma were promoting the hair vitamins capsules. Well I know why, because of the great outcome by taking them.

I never thought that I will be using Hairfinity. The reason why I say that is because I’m really bad with taking supplements. In the past I have used vitamin B supplements, but it gave me breakouts and I didn’t see any results.

My sister won a giveaway where she received 3 bottles of Hairfinity. She gave me one and that bottle has been chilling in my room for some months now. – She was even angry at me and said that she was planning to give the bottle away – I made excuses for not taking the capsules and then I thought heck let’s give it a try.  January 1st I started taking the vitamins capsules. Like I said I’m not good with taking supplements but so far it’s going oke. Continue reading

Wash day | January 18!


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2015.01.21 wash day

At this moment I’m 19 weeks post and I am happy with my new growth. I can still manage. I said that I will relax my hair when I reach 20 weeks post, but I first want to do a protein treatment to prep my hair for a relaxer. During the week my nape suffered from dryness. I would moisturize at night, but in the morning it was still dry  – I need to find a remedy for my nape -.

Pre poo treatment

For the treatment I used the oil mix (Jamaican Black Castor Oil x Coconut Oil) for the scalp and (Grape seed x Sesame seed x Coconut oil) for the hair. Before applying the oils I warmed it up with hot water. – I never use a microwave to warm up oils – for an hour I let the oils sit on my hair.

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